• Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Where can I get an updated list of available rental in town?
      Check out our listing of available rentals under the "Contact Us" button at the top of our main page.  Go to the "Relocation" page on the drop down menu.
    2. Are there jobs available in the Ellendale Area?
      Send an inquirt through our "Contact Us" page, or call our secretary at 701-349-4103 for information regarding local businesses that are hiring, or check out jobsnd.com for more job listings.
    3. Are there camping areas available in the Ellendale Area?
      Yes, just check our liting of camping areas available on the "Contact Us" dropdown menu under "Travel".
    4. Where can I find a list of area businesses?
      Check our listing under "Area Businesses" at the top of our homepage and select a complete list alphabetically, or choose the type of business you are looking for.
    5. How do I sign-up to be a vendor at one of your upcoming events?
      Check our list of forms under "Contact Us" and "Forms" on the dropdown menu.  Here you will find forms to help you sign up to take part or contact our secretary at 701-349-4103 for more information. Please leave a message if we're not available, so that we can be sure to get back to you.
    6. Where do I go to register my new car and/or obtain a license plate/sticker for my vehicle?
      The Motor Vehicle Office is now located at the offices of Dickey Rural Networks, just north of town on Hwy 281.  Or call 701-344-5000 to request more information.
    7. How does my local non-profit organization request Dress for Success funds?
      Contact our secretary at 701-349-4103, or send a letter requeting Dress for Success funds and include what they will be used for to:
                Ellendale Area Chamber of Commerce
                PO Box 91
                Ellendale, ND  58436
    8. Where do I find a list of upcoming events and the dates they will be on?
      Check our "Calendar of Events" on our homepage for a listing of area events.  If you have an event you would like to add, simply click on the "Add Event" button on the dropdown menu and submit your event.  If you have further questions, contact our secretary at 701-349-4103.